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Jahan Parto Qeshm

Laser systems, solid state lasers, diode lasers




      Jahan Parto company

      Sience and technology Park

      Qeshm Azad university



New Products

Nd:YAG Marking system

It is a marking system suitable for gold, copper, steel, wood, leather. The system is designed with different powers up to 180 W.

Green Laser


Low noise CW green laser, diode pumping, energy ranging up to 250 mJ with steps of 1 mj

Water cooled Breadboard


Water cooled Breadboard with a stable temperature variation. Temperature gradient less than 0.1 ̊C


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 Laser and Optics  

SS LasersMarkingDiodeFiberLasers

JahanParto is the manufacturer of solid state lasers,  laser systems and laser components for reaserch and industrial applications. the Company started his work since 2013. New ideas, broad knowledge of its engineers and physicists coupled with skilled and experienced staff have made it possible to the production of high performance advanced  laser designs.

Jahanparto company provides vraiety of products and components. the company sterted his work  with Nd Type solid state lasers. Jahanparto has significantly increased its production range and now offers to its customers:

Our working and research area include :

·      Solid-state lasers

·      Optical parametric oscillators/generators

·      Complete spectroscopy systems

·      Laser power supply and cooling units   

·       Industrial Diod Pump Solid State lasers

·       Custom designed laser systems

·       Diode Lasers