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Jahan Parto Qeshm

Laser systems, solid state lasers, diode lasers


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01 Marking Laser systems

Laser marking machines are used for high-speed character, graphic, bar code, logo and other designs marking with high accuracy. Marking or engraving with a laser is highly readable with the lowest possible loss of the material.

It leaves a permanent mark that enables effective traceability and is capable of withstanding harsh environmental conditions. The marking software of this machine can provide continuous marking of different designs on metals such as gold, silver, steel, brass, aluminum and other metallic samples.   


532 nm ,

Up to 50 mJ

Class 4

1-10 Hz


1 mRad

220V AC

Water– Cooled

01 Low Noise green laser

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01 Goniometer

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 This multi mode combiner is designed for High power fiber laser applications, which mixed seven diode pumped laser and send it to a multimode output fiber.   

01 Combiner 7-200

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Cutting and Marking


Solid state Lasers


Fiber Lasers

01 THz Spectroscopy kit

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THz Kits